fuel mix

  1. JaxInsany

    Is the 16-1 oil/fuel mixture harmful?

    Hey everyone! I am currently breaking in my 2 stroke Grubee with a 16-1 fuel mix with synthetic oil. I didn't think twice about following the kit included instructions when it said to break in the engine with 16-1, but with all the reading I have been doing on fuel mixtures, its getting me...
  2. N

    Vp 110

    Who else has used this, and how well did it run?
  3. Ruby478

    Oil/gas ratio for breaking in ?

    what is the proper oil/gas ratio for breaking in a 66cc china girl ? I've heard 24:1 or 32:1 ............... but we all know too much oil is bad and too little worse ............... Ive been using 50:1 but its a little too rich it bogs down (so much smoke also) ....... i use synthetic oil...
  4. Freeatlast

    Question about fuel/Oil Ratio's and carb intake tube

    This is my first Skyhawk engine. Its a 49cc by US standards, 66cc by Foreign. I've been putting engine on bikes for 35 years now and I have learned to listen to those who have gone before me. The manual says 16:1 on the recommended fuel/oil mix during break in, then 25:1 after. I have a friend...