fuel line

  1. B

    Finish my first build: 48cc Chinese kit

    Greetings. I'm new to bike building and I finished my bike yesterday. I had some trouble getting it together. The first real problem I ran into was the the front mount didn't rest correctly and was way too high, I managed some jury rigging by cutting the mounting bolts and welding it in once...
  2. C

    Noob question- what do I need to do with these tubes?

    there are 2 of these tubes that aren’t connected to anything that leak fuel when the engine is off. Do I need to connect them with the filter that came with the kit? Also, when I turn the fuel valve to on, some fuel will seep out the fuel lines though I have them securely on there. Is this...
  3. CheebaChamp

    X80-BK on a Murray Beach Cruiser - Starting issues and fuel problems. PLEASE HELP

    Hi all, I'm new to the Motor Bicycle world, and am in dire need of some help. I bought a BGF 49cc about a month and a half ago and slapped it on a 26" Murray beach cruiser. I had it running pretty decently, but then I lost spark, and tried changing the CDI. So I decided to try and get them to...
  4. Bigredgasbike

    Standard fuel line size?

    Anyone know the actual size of the fuel line that fits the stock carb of these engines? (you know, the one it comes with when you buy a kit) my bike has been leaking pretty bad and i dont know what size fuel line to get it. i was thinking something slightly smaller in diameter than the original...