1. J

    Bike Berry Can't work out problem.

    First of all I wanted to work with this company and live in Florida. Shipping does a a while. i ordered Mag rims and they where defective.I did say wanted store credit and then only gave $35 when product was over $1000 when shipped both rims back and coasted money. They messed up and I called...
  2. sudjim

    Free parts in Gainesville FL

    Hi everyone, I had been a very active member in the area. I have built dozens of MB's and fixed may others for my neighbors. I need to move on and I have many many parts. Some new, many used and some almost new. Every thing from motors, and motor rebuild parts, sprockets, carbs, cables...
  3. Da Pedal

    Florida RS-68 Bureaucracy

    So i just got off the phone with the DMS... They told me the law just went into effect in september. He told me the paperwork would need to be a little more thorough then some of us on here believed previously He said you need a Bill of sale with the Name and Address of the seller for Both...
  4. M

    florida?legal or not?