1. G

    My first Beach Cruiser Build

    I'm new to the MB community and I'm in the middle of my first build. I'm very excited and I've been spending a couple hours every night reading the forums on here and learning from those that have come before me. I've already learned so much that I wish I had taken a different approach, but let...
  2. B

    I need mud guards! (fenders)

    My 66cc engine motorized bicycle is a Huffy Stone Mountain 26" mens bike and my riding is around at my son's farm here in Michigan. The riding is great and the roads are all dirt, void of vehicle traffic and can be muddy at times. My last ride for this winters season was a few days ago and was...
  3. T

    Hello Everyone!

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I am new to engines and pretty new to bicycles, but very crafty and willing to learn. My first project will be a Huffy Cranbrook i got from wally world after reading a bunch on the forums. i also bought a 4 stroke 49cc engine from Daemon Bikes (not so sure...
  4. bairdco

    Fender Fixes. a tip from Bairdco Industries.

    seems like everytime someone posts a picture of their new cruiser, one of the first replies is, "those fenders will fall off, and you will flip over the bars..." to me, fenders are what make up a cruiser. without them, there's just no style. plus, fenders keep dirty water and mud from...