1. alex-star

    From Russia with love

    Hello everyone! I'm a motorcycle enthusiast from Moscow, who recently sold his 650ccm beemer to start a new two-wheeled-hobby. Me and my old friend have recently purchased a couple of frames to build fancy motorized bikes. It happened so we both choose Nirve B-1 because of a reasonable price and...
  2. P

    Dax f80 pull start

    I currently have a dax f80 motor, but I want to set it up so I don't have to pedal to start the engine and I was thinking a pull start would be a good route, but I haven't been able to find one anywhere. Does anyone know where to find one for this motor?
  3. B

    is this normal?

    I just received my Dax bottom end and the left flywheel looks like it was dragged across the pavement. The edge next to the con rod has maybe 20% that looks normal. Does anyone have any experience with theses bottoms. Ive tried to post pics but it says limited memory. Advice on that would be...
  4. A

    Is the DAX F80 chinese made?

    See title :)
  5. A

    Dax F80/ SD Stinger 2 Stroke Engine Kits!

    Is there any major differences between the SD Stinger and the Dax F80 engine? Is the Dax engine worth $20 more? Which engine will last longer in terms of mileage, and which one is quieter? Thanks, Feelssogood