exhaust muffler

  1. S

    Exhaust build, and results..

    Well, its finally zapped all together. End result at idle is 101db at the tail pipe. Making a muffler from scratch was a new experience, making it servicable was even more fun. PS: the engine itself is still 105db! So I dont think this needs to be any better.
  2. C

    How do You break in your ht motor?

    When I was young 13 I built a kings on a Shwinn n did it by instruction manual. Switched to 50:1 when it was 4 tanks down and used some mc pre that claimed 100:1 for most high end Japanese 2 strokes . Got that motor up too 33 on the flat after I ****ed up and drilled 2 holes in my muffler cap...
  3. T

    exhaust gasket keeps blowing out

    I have an issue with the exhaust gasket keeps blowing out I replaced the stock studs with Allen head bolts I am using the voodoo expansion chamber exhaust, I put lock tight on the bolts and tightened the bolts until they wouldn't go any more and they are not bottoming out either , I guess my...
  4. WarriorAirman

    Quiet Ride

    I live on an Air Force Base and there is a noise ordinence my engine is too loud with the stock exhaust. What is the best way to quiet my ride as much as possible. Thank you.
  5. JaxInsany

    Stock Muffler Addition!

    I got the idea from these very forums and all the sick exhaust setups I have seen posted here! I threw some stainless steel water heater flex piping on the end of the stock muffler and added a little 2 stroke Briggs and Stratton muffler onto the end of it all! In the photo's and video it is duct...
  6. V

    Oil/gas drip from exhaust port

    I recently noticed that I have oil or gas/oil mixture leaking from the exhaust port where the exhaust pipe attaches to the engine. It's coming from that joint and dripping onto the bike frame........just a few drops but it is leaking. Does anybody have any ideas what is causing this and a...
  7. IreBo

    REV pocket bike ehhaust!! ez

    So i was looking around on ebay and found the x1 and x2 super pocket bike after market pipes. they have all types. i found 2 that will work great and even though i welded mine together this is a mod that can be done with a hack saw or saws-all! so most people can do this mod. i used this...
  8. S

    Exhaust muffler

    If I put an additional exhaust muffler, what effect will it have on the engine performance and lifespan?