engine problem

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    Engine Sqeaking, turnover but not starting

    Hey everyone, I am new to the forums and to these motor bikes too but I decided to purchase one of the 49cc Chinese kits from ebay. So I installed it all, with some difficulty but everything is in right as far as I know. When I try to start the bike the engine fires and turns over but squeaks...
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    Engine Lost power and Stopped

    Hi everyone! Im new here and new to motorized biking aswell. i recently completed my modern style board racer inspired project with a chinese engine Kit. I was riding and my engine(2stroke 67cc Slanthead) lost power and after 100-150feet it stopped running. It would still rev after i got it...
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    Help engine does not engage

    2-stroke engine, hard to start up, I changed the spark plug. And still... This is what happens when I try to start it: So I get some speed then release the clutch to engage the engine. However, right after I release the clutch the bike slows down as if I pulled the brakes. So the engine does...