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    What engine kit should I get?

    Hey Everyone, I'm going to be doing my first build here soon and I'm getting a little overwhlemed with all the kits that are out there and picking one out. What I would really like is a 4 stroke engine, but all the kits I see out there are very expensive and don't go very fast. What are your...
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    Best Place to Buy a Kit From?

    I have done a fair amount of research into buying a kit for my bike but in the end I have come up short there is just so many brands and different types of engines that I will never through, so here is my question what is the best brand to buy from (I know that in the end I am going to still...
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    Dax F80/ SD Stinger 2 Stroke Engine Kits!

    Is there any major differences between the SD Stinger and the Dax F80 engine? Is the Dax engine worth $20 more? Which engine will last longer in terms of mileage, and which one is quieter? Thanks, Feelssogood