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    Bikeberry Builds Complete Motorized Bike Free Giveaway

    Welcome to BikeBerry Builds! The show where we take new or old bicycles and overhaul them with the latest engine kits and performance parts. But that's not it, don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to take home your very own Micargi Pantera Motorized Bike Build because at the end of the...
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    Hello from Vancouver Island!

    Hi, Just discovered this forum, and have really enjoyed my reading so far! While I am relatively new to motorized bicycles, in many ways I am not. My first two wheeled vehicle (at age 14) was a Velo Solex moped, with a 32cc two stroke engine mounted over the front wheel, driven with a...
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    Interesting Discovery - Electric Fatbike

    Hey, I saw this really cool bike at Gizmodo web site at this bike can ride over soft sand. I think it looks cool! [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    My new Bike E Recumbent

    I just bought a Bike E CT recumbent on eBay for $300. I'm super excited for its delivery on the 11th of this month. I've been excited about building an electric bike for a long time. I've been riding a friction drive that I built for a couple years now. It just seems fitting to complete my...