1. J

    If anyone is interested, Ecotrons has both EFI and turbo kits for small engines

    So, if anyone on here is willing to give EFI conversion or turbocharging a shot on here, or if they can, legally, Ecotrons sells EFI and turbocharging kits for small-displacement aircooled engines. Here's what they got as far as that's concerned. EFI kits. --------------------------------...
  2. J

    A little curious about something atm.

    I'm a little curious about this, but what would be the possibility and/or benefits of using a friction-plate clutch on a 4-stroke motor, such as a GX35? Supporting mods in this hypothetical case would be an EFI system and maybe an electric starter.
  3. T

    Going for the worlds fastest moped, turbo-fuel injected

    Hey all, This is my quest to have the worlds fastest true moped,to have usable pedals. I have a budget of about $3500 to get as much of it done as i can so i need a lot of help from you guys out there with ways to cuts cost as much as i can. ANY IDEAS AT ALL lol from sponsorship to a...
  4. MoRo1212

    WTB:MBE MS 2 stroke efi kit,comp/parts

    Hello forum members, I am currently searching for a good used condition MBE MS efi kit for a 2 stroke that i have in an upcoming project;I prefer complete kit,or will consider buying just the ECU,24mm throttle body,12 volt Fuel Pump,and fuel-injector for a 125 cc engine!!! TIA for a reply...