1. RuskieTheInfidel

    Greetings from Arizona!!

    Hello fellow bike nuts, I will be doing a complete review(unboxing and building) on the GasBike.net GT90 conversion kit as well as Engine/Clutch internals kit, the parts arrive tommorow(shipping has already been a nightmare). Let’s see how it goes! I’ll be mounting the motor on this ’Sikk UFO’...
  2. scotto-

    99cc Predator Long Ride

    Here it is....a half an hour of saddle time on my 99cc Predyno. Just your boring basic riding around the streets of UC and Clairemont. Traffic.......What traffic! :D http://youtu.be/cXTprPIGJaQ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! .santa
  3. scotto-

    99cc Predator Short Ride

    Just took a short ride over to my buddy's house on the 99cc powered Dyno. A beautiful sunny winters day in mid December.......let's ride! http://youtu.be/dXHizRq2ti0 dnut