1. carl clack

    The Piston Came

  2. C

    homemade "plastic"

    polystyrene (styrofoam) dissolves in acetone (common in nail polish remover) . the goop that is produced dries out to form something I affectionately call ghetto-resin, useful as a sealant and prolly other stuff too. tell me about your findings with this material (new uses, approximate mix...
  3. C

    daydreaming about a mini turbo

    I came across a really small turbo online and I started to think about an expansion chamber that is tuned to eliminate as much intake blow-by as possible, theoretically possible? I run a 48cc silverjet w/ angle fire head turbo's links :
  4. G

    DIY tail light reflector hack

    I really don't know how many people actually bought Huffys for their project bike but, here is a tail light hack that uses the fender mounted reflector as a light case. First, you need to cut the reflector off of the base. I chose to do it behind the reflector where they have the lip...
  5. Ruby478

    user with the website with mods on it

    Who is the user that has the website with all the mods and diy stuff on it ? if that user or anyone knows the link im talking about can u send me the link? thank you very much :)
  6. BoDean_LP

    Started by Necessity, Now I'm addicted.

    Hello all. I'm new to the world of motorized bikes. I just want to share a little about how I got started. I lost my driver's license due to lack of insurance, so I was in need of transportation. A regular bicycle just wouldn't do, and I couldn't afford a moped. I had about $60 to spend on a...
  7. Psycledeliac

    '77 Schwinn 2.5hp Home Made Friction Drive

    Hello. I will be documenting the progress of my project here, hope someone finds it interesting. I have a 1977 Schwinn Caliente and a 1978 Toro Snowmaster20 snowblower, basic tools, and almost no budget. So, I suppose step one is to get that lil' motor outta that ol' Toro!
  8. bishop letov

    26CC Homelite dual suspension whipper

    This is my first post in regard to my DIY mating of a homelite wacker and a fully suspended xr-200 mongoose. Ive been reading through all of the posts with chainsaw and wacker friction drives and thought that this would be otimal for me. The whole project has cost me next to nothing except...
  9. Lurker

    Cobra Cycles Flat Track Racer

    I have been lurking on this site for almost a year or more now, and I thought you guys might be interested in seeing something from a new person. I bought one of those 4stroke kits and built a bike with that,(first photo) but soon got fed up with the lack of quality and how slow it was. So I...