1. M

    Cheap awesome fatbike.

    http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/bid/4348947978.html I would so get one if I had the transportation to Phoenix. Only downside would be the fact that even though the bike has good enough clearance for the motor, the tires are so thick that it has to be jack shafted. But then it's a...
  2. D


    Who makes those sprocket that bolt directly on the disk brake hub? or do anyone on here sell them??
  3. kdaddy1980

    Bolt on Disc Brakes for a Cruiser

    Im putting a jackshaft on my new project, its a huffy sante fe cruiser. i wanted to put rear disk brakes on it because im going to be going a lot faster with my jackshaft kit. I bought this disc brake kit from a guy out of Cincinnatti, he said the disk would bolt to the sprocket somehow. The...