disc brake

  1. SoughtAnarchy

    Any advice on assembling disc brakes on BBR Tuning wheels?

    I recently bought these wheels and someone on here told me I should go for disc brakes instead of rims brakes. I have a standard cruiser set up with this engine on it. Any advice from y'all would be great. Mainly trying to see what I'll need to buy to assemble it (i.e. the disc brake set, any...
  2. L

    Help! How do I put a two stroke motor on my bike if I have a rear disc brake?

    I recently have gotten intrested in 2 stroke bike motors and wanted to get one for my mountain bike. The frame was large enough and the tires were the right size, but I realized having a rear disc brake would be an issue. Is there anything I can do to get around this?? (Aside from taking out my...
  3. F

    Disc Brake

    I am mounting a front disc on a standard 26" wheel (non freewheel)and attempting to make my own adapter/spacer....I am going to tap into the hub...just wondering if anyone has tried this!