direct drive
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    Directrunner DR1L motorized bike kit featuring CVT DR1L utilizes patented continuously variable transmission (CVT) for direct drive. CVT provides uninterrupted torque changes even operating at max. power and torque. Highest to lowest ratio of the transmission is 2:1. Direct drive used in DR1L has a minimum...
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    How do you connect chain to motor drive shaft?

    Was planning on rigging a weedwacker engine to my bike, but not sure how to rig the chain up. How do you direct drive people do this, without any welding?
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    homelite scooter

    My current project is a gas scooter direct drive. this is a homelite 240 engine, the original Zenoah engine was shot when i bought the scooter. I am trying to set up a direct drive for the scooter. i have exausted my funds and need a cheap solution. i was going to try to use a deepwell socket...