1. 1

    Fear of cheap chinese engines.

    Hey ! When I was a kid I used to have one of these pocket dirt bikes (50cc), you needed to crank it with a handle ( I drove it a lot (for fun, and it was...
  2. shwnrttr

    Motorized Bicycle crash reports

    heres some links to MB crashes in the news. pretty crazy.
  3. T

    I hate idiots with cars!

    Well I just had my first real incident with a car on my way home from work tonight, guess they didnt like me being on the side of the road and they ran me into a fence. I couldnt stop in time, luckily I wear a DOT helmet so my head didnt feel anything, but the rest of my body did! holy crap I...
  4. nidyanazo


    lol YouTube - ‪mike crashing a motorbike‬‏
  5. Horacio

    Brakes gone in a day, what to do?

    Ok I have a problem, yesterday I crashed into a concrete wall at 12 miles per hour. the clutch was engaged, front and right handles were squeezed, and feet were dragging on the ground. I was going down hill and could not get the bike to stop, even though I had done it before, the brakes on my...