1. mezzenger

    79cc or 212cc on a Huffy Cranbrook

    Has anyone had success fitting a Predator engine on a Huffy Cranbrook?
  2. K

    Introducing my build - Miami, FL!

    Hello everyone! Tom chiming in from sunny Miami Florida. I bought this bike from an older gentleman already assembled, but I'm taking it very very easy and going on test rides constantly as I inspect the weak points yo nd add accessories and replace parts as necessary. 49cc motor on a Huffy...
  3. M

    Huffy Cranbrook. To motorize or not?

    So the other day I bought a Huffy Cranbrook on impulse because it was a good deal. I've heard people say that it is a strong frame, and others say it is weak and worthless. I want to build another bike, but I don't want the frame to break on me. Should I sell it and get a better frame, or just...
  4. I

    Project revival

    About a year and a half ago i set out customize my Cranbrook, and never really finished the mods ( Well under a different account I will now resume that build now to be a daily driver to school (i am a sophomore in high...
  5. J

    Trek 830 Antelope Motorized Mounatin Bike Review

    Hi Everyone!, I have been doing a lot of reading in this forum but I barely post. first off I just want to say thanks to all the people who helped me out when I was new to this. without this forum I would never have built my first bike and bikes to come. I have learned a lot of things...
  6. Mr. Minecraft

    Summer Job Build Thread

    Hello everyone! This summer I have planned to build and sell motorbikes for some easy cash. I am not the kind of person to constantly update a thread with everything I do, so I am only going to post when I finish a bike, and will update the post when I sell the corresponding bike. I really don't...
  7. J

    Just finished my first build! PK-80 Cranbrook!

    Hello every one im John and I have been reading post on this website for about a month. I just got my PK-80 engine from Pirate Cycles thursday and from me reasearching this site enough I knew exactly how to put it on my hufffy cranbrook that i bought brand new on monday! some of the things ive...
  8. R

    I guess I have to introduce myself sooner or later

    Hello everyone! My nickname is Rzee and I was lucky i could get that name because usually it is already taken when I go to register for something. I believe I am an experienced builder (what I mean is I have some experience) so I know a little about this game we play. I am interested in learning...
  9. T

    Hello Everyone!

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I am new to engines and pretty new to bicycles, but very crafty and willing to learn. My first project will be a Huffy Cranbrook i got from wally world after reading a bunch on the forums. i also bought a 4 stroke 49cc engine from Daemon Bikes (not so sure...