cns carb
  1. P

    Black plastic Barrel in the new CNS carb

    I, built a bike for a guy, ok, now he knows how to ride it get it going. The black plastic barrel in the carb seems to get stuck. I know now it goes correctly only one way, but it seems that it is "jumping out of the guides" that keep it moving freely, up and down. Anyone out there having the...
  2. stevolandis

    So is the Rt Carb really all it's cracked up to be?

    I've been looking at various carbs and comparing pros and cons. I hear great reviews about the RT carb- better pulling power and high end performance than the NTs. My question is is it worth the $30 to replace my old NT carb with an RT? The CNS seems to cause to many problems for most people...
  3. Ruby478

    Cns V2 air leak! billet intake?

    i bought a CNS V2 and it leaks air like crazy i know manic mechanic make a view different intakes which one will works best?
  4. KCvale

    Inside the 2010 Grubee Skyhawk CNS Carb

    I recently got my 1st 2010 Grubee Skyhawk motor kit in, and while I went through the carb to see the differences I took some pics. These carbs are nothing like the 2009 or earlier carbs so I’ll just take you on a sight seeing tour. It is officially a YuanDung Skyhawk C-32CNS66-EPA...