clutch engage
  1. bulldog87333

    Bicycle rolls freely when clutch lever is released

    Ok so first off I have read this thread ( and tried everything on it. I'm sure the clutch cable is adjusted properly. I also tightened the flower nut completely so the clutch pads and plate were touching and it still rolls freely. I have had this...
  2. M

    Clutch Stuck - No Neutral

    First Post! Always wanted a motorized bike and just got a free motor but need clutch help:( Just received a 50cc 2stroke engine and parts from a friend, mounted on frame and started with a drill as it had been sitting for a few years. Motor sounds very good with very little vibration. Clutch...
  3. L

    Wont Start with pull-start

    NEWB here. I have a Grubee 66cc Skyhawk. For some reason, the bike only starts when the clutch is engaged and I start it normally by riding it and popping the clutch (even then, it only putts a few times and dies, but one problem at a time) I installed a pullstart and to start it, I first opened...