1. jolfstn

    Fat Tire & Clearance issue. Traffic, hills, and rambling questions

    This is my 2nd build, and I purchased this as the bike base: This issue is the 3" wide tires, which I'm sure will go far as smoothing out the ride goes, however, the standard spoke mounted rag joint doesn't have the necessary clearance. I've tried turning the sprocket over so the teeth are...
  2. R

    motor kit suggestions

    OK so I need some help on a first build. I want to know what motor kits to get. I don't have much funds right now so want to start with a 49/50cc 2 stroke kit but I want to upgrade to a inframe 4 stroke later on, so suggestions on both are needed. The two main things I'm looking for are price...
  3. nidyanazo

    Reverse the head for clearance

    Just a FYI, if you have an angle plug head on a smaller framed bike, you can easily create the clearance you need by flipping the cylinder head... YouTube - ‪engine mounting trick, reverse the head‬‏