1. J

    Need some help with 70 degree frame pick

    I have been searching and researching but am not sure. I have some questions and need some help. Perhaps not using the right terms. Or just overthinking. Is the standard 48cc or 66cc 2 stroke engine mounted at 70 degrees between down tube and seat tube? I have seen 70 and also 75 degrees...
  2. Patchy

    Kickstarting a China girl I can kick start my bike now! Got a new 36 tooth sprocket, removed my broken shifter and put my regular bike chain on the lowest gear. No more annoying petal starts! On a side note, clean your chains. All the goop is from both my chains.
  3. S

    Best way to clean your bike?

    I know the first answer that comes to mind is soap and hot water, but I'm trying to clean off the oil/grease crud off my head and between the fins to no avail. So anyway, what is the best way to get that muck off? Would degreasing agents such as Engine Brite or Castrol Super Clean work...