chopper bike
  1. M

    New but still experienced

    Hi I'm sal been into motorized bike for 8 years I've built many bikes. Currently am working on a micargi Rover gt I began by sanding and priming frame I chose an orange to be more visible. Built my rims from hubs and opted for disk brakes(dual brake lever with brake switch I made). I also...
  2. Wickedest1

    kids occ fd bike

    not gonna do a lot of cross posting but figured some of you stretch guys don't visit the diy section, so heres my cross post: thanks for looking feedback, questions concerns and comments ALL welcome
  3. C

    west coast budget build

    auflg I'v just started building a motorirzed west coast chopper bicycle. I have very few tools and mechanical knowledge. however so far i have constructed a new mount for the rear hub simply by using longer bolts and a piece of sheet metal and a few nuts. very cost effective and easy.. if i can...
  4. L

    Occ stingray

    took me while to build, alot of work was needed. hope you like it!!!