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    Motorized bike seems to have more power at very slight choke

    Hi I have a default ebay 2 stroke 80cc kit with the stock NT carb. Currently I have the pin in the carb set to the leanest setting (towards the top) as all the other settings seem to give some form of 4 stroking. When I start the bike I choke it for around 5 seconds then immediately switch to...
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    Honda Hobbit High revs then dies

    This has recently happened to my '82 Hobbit were it will only idle with the choke on, and then quickly high rev and die with the choke off unless your giving it a bunch of gas. Is there a fix? I've taken it into a shop cleaned the carb twice, just put in a new crank so I highly doubt there is a...
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    NEED HELP !!!, SHA 14mm Carb giving me issues!

    Hi there, i am back once again, i ordered a offset intake manifold and an SHA 14mm Carb from and i ran it, Started Great, Throttle Response was awesome, the auto choke worked...