chain tension
  1. Misk

    Need help with chain tension problem.

    Okay, so I'm new to this website, and I was looking for some possible answers to my problem for my recent motorized bike build. I have had this build up and running plenty of times, and everything checks out. No leaks, no broken parts, and it idles fine; however, it cannot go above 20 mph. When...
  2. Baby man

    Chain loose then tight

    So i got myself a new hyper bicycle with a new 66/80cc motor. After awhile of riding I felt that my chain had fully stretched so i tried to tighten it up again. While tightening I found that the slack of the chain would change to loose and then tight when I would spin the wheel so I figured...
  3. N

    Shift Kit Installed, Now starting is hard

    hey guys i finally got my shift kit installed, after quite some time just trying to get the masterlink onto the drive sprocket. i swear any tighter it would burst. anyways now my engine is really hard to start because both chains are so tight i can bearly pedal, even when holding the clutch...