carb tuning
  1. KC Roy

    runs better with air filter off?

    hey guys thanks for all the good info on this site. i've put together my first motorized bike a couple weeks ago. breaking it in and tweaking things here and there. it runs pretty nice but seems to cut out or surge/bog down a bit when i get going at the high end. it idles great, will rev just...
  2. J

    Carrb Idling

    Please Help Newbi. My Idle needle is all the way in order to keep my Chinese 2 stroke idling, but even with that some times while idling the engine turns off. Please help .flg.
  3. JaxInsany

    Non Adjustable CNS carb?

    Good evening to all! I was having some idle problems with my bike that the idle screw wasn't resolving, so I decided to open up my CNS carburetor (a high performance YD one from a Skyhawk kit) and adjust the brass/coppery slide pin to another notch when I noticed it had only ONE notch. I now...
  4. J

    HS 142F Low-End Bogging

    I find myself once again turning to the expert advice of the motorbicycling forum... Anyway, my HuaSheng 49cc came in the mail on Saturday, and i finally got it mounted on my bike, along with the gas tank and did a test run (no drive chain). I have to admit I was slightly surprised that it...
  5. D

    what is four stroking?

    maybe this has been covered extensively, sorry if it has... But i had this question and found a great video on youtube. thought I would share it with the group. What is "four stroking" ? - YouTube