carb problems
  1. J

    What carbs would you recommend for the zeda 80

    I have a reed valve dio performance zeda 80 and the carburetor that came with it is crap I'm looking for something that will easy to tune and that'll make me go faster than 25 the carb on it now is the oko 21 pwk looking for something that size so I can just swap it real easy
  2. M

    Drowning Carburetor?

    I recently switched from a CNS carb to an NT carb and although my overall performance has improved greatly, i still have a few issues. New ones. Firstly, when i first start up the bike and let it idle, all seams well, it idles at the right speed, and aside from a few missed power strokes, it...
  3. neum5464

    Having trouble with build

    I put a 66cc on a huffy Newport, haven't modified any parts. When trying to get the motor started, it does start and I can keep it running while holding the throttle, but it doesn't idle at all. As soon as I let go of the throttle it shuts off. I have adjusted almost every combination of...