1. K

    Potential legal changes in BC Canada

    After a recent court case, the legality of motorized bicycles appears to have a path forward (nope, it's not legal yet). I sent the following email to the Minister of Transportation and my government representative. The court case link is at the bottom and it's worth reading. Dear Ms. Polak...
  2. CTripps

    Vancouver BC Rides

    Well, I tried making videos with my Galaxy, here's the first one. I made a trip from my garage to Richmond, BC for no other reason that to burn some juice while it wasn't raining. ;) Sorry about the bounciness etc, I have the camera hung chest-hieght around my neck so it's looking a bit down...
  3. G

    Golden Motor "Canada Day" Sale!

    ()()Magic Pies and lifepo4 battery combos on sale. Save up to 100 dollars and a FREE battery Rack! Savings depends on your Country. Please take a look at the YouTube Promo YouTube - Magic Pie Event Canada Day Gary [email protected] Golden Motor Canada Golden Motor ebike Canada...