1. L

    Need help

    Hi guys my name is Luca and I was wondering what kit I should get for the 66cc 2 stroke engine kit. I live in canada Also there are so many kits like I am truly confused on which one to buy any suggestions. My budget is about 200 cad or 160 us on the kit. Also which bike should I get I don't...
  2. J

    Reliable Cheap Mountain/Cruiser bike to use?

    I am looking for a good, strong, sturdy, reliable bike to use for building a motor bike, my budget is $300, I was going to buy a great bike off of craigslist for $60 but it got sold, I am now looking for one that is sold from an actual retailer (walmart,target,etc.) I know there won't be many...
  3. Noxuz

    Ultra Cheap low budget motorized bicycle

    r.ly. WATCH THIS STUFF!!!
  4. Intrepid Wheelwoman

    Velocars and other interesting vehicles.

    I would imagine that Threadcromancy isn't permitted by the moderators so I thought I'd begin a new thread to follow on from this old one here ....... http://motorbicycling.com/f44/wild-idea-24508.html The modern velomobile is far too hi-tech and expensive for me to even consider for a...