1. T

    Silver State Cycles = Scam!

    Today marks two years since I shipped my Honda XR80 motor and exhaust off to Scott at Silver State Cycles in Las Vegas. At the time, I was excited to be building a high quality, custom board track racer equipped with a MT Honda XR80 motor and high quality custom wheel set. The plan was to have...
  2. AttackCadillac

    Worksman frame tube size?

    Hi, i'm new to the whole motorized bike scene and i'm building a early Indian tribute with a Worksman frame. My question is what size frame tubing does a Worksman Newsboy use (I'm stretching the frame) and more importantly where do you get it from. Thanks much, AttackCadillac
  3. F

    Has anyone used a Honda xr80 motor?

    Been wanting to do a boardtracker build.Picked up a Worksman bicycle and trying to find a four stroke.Found an xr80 motor at scrap yard.Has anyone used one of these,if so I would really appreciate some pics.Thanks
  4. K

    Tires for 150cc 4 stroke board track racer

    Hello all, I am putting together a board tracker inspired by cobrafreak, idood, and sportscar pat. I have worksman wheels with 11ga spokes. I know Pat is using hookworms and cobrafreak is using the Coker motorcycle tires. The Cokers are a little out of my price range at the moment. I...
  5. P

    A BTR Build in Progress: Lets reach 100mph

    So it begins. A quest to build a BTR. The Motivation: Don't own a Car, Quick & Efficient Transportation, the awesome history these bikes have, and a drive to build something that has speed and style! The Inspiration: A Passion for Engineering, the satisfaction of setting out to build...