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    My "second" BoyGoFast built on Takara frame

    My original bike frame that I was going to use for this motor broke a few spokes because the sprocket came loose and bend, thus breaking some spokes. Also, because this was a re-badged Huffy bike for Shucks. It had a very hard to find rim size, and couldn't replace it. So I then found this at...
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    My horrendous experience with BoyGoFast

    It all started Christmas of 2011, the day I get my BoyGoFast "80cc" (actually 60cc, called in 80cc. Do you guys call a 60c engine an 80cc, because in the instructions it says that that's what the motor bike community calls them?) I managed to understand the horridly translated instructions...
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    First Bike Help !!!

    Hi, I am working on a Schwinn Clairmont, with a kit I ordered from boygofast. I plan on recording the entire project from beginning to end. From the bike to unboxing the engine kit to the build. Check out my first video and future vids to come atdance1
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    I'm using all hand tools help !!!

    I am on my way to WalMart now to purchase my first bike frame. I am having a hard time deciding between Roadmaster, Huffy, or Shwinn. I plan on video taping and posting pics and comments of my entire experience with my first motorbicycle. I have already ordered my kit from boygofast, and will be...
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    Issues that only a pro can help me with, spark issues help!

    Hello guys, i am fairly new to posting on this forum, i just bought a new kit from *that's right you guessed when you saw the title...* BoyGoFast on ebay, it got to my door in 6 days, i also ordered there occ chopper mount and welded it to my schwinn occ rather than u-clamping it..., mounted the...