bogging down
  1. T

    Fuel/carburetor issue please help

    Okay so been working at this shitty Niome 100cc kit for over a week can’t get it running think i’m onto something though finally. The bikes been bogging extremely hard and hasn’t gone faster than 5 kms and it doesn’t get uphills. Tried sealing gaskets with RTV to eliminate possible air leaks...
  2. J

    Bogging engine

    Hi there, I know there are lots of questions already asked similar to this one, and i have tried all of these looking for solutions. None seem to be working I have had my motorized bike for about a year now, and its only started having troubles lately. it starts going, but when i give it...
  3. KC Roy

    runs better with air filter off?

    hey guys thanks for all the good info on this site. i've put together my first motorized bike a couple weeks ago. breaking it in and tweaking things here and there. it runs pretty nice but seems to cut out or surge/bog down a bit when i get going at the high end. it idles great, will rev just...