bogging and revving
  1. neiltannis

    Revving and bogging

    Hey there motor bikers!! Happy new year and all that jazz. I'm banging my head against the wall here on my 3rd build. Starts up great when fully choked, but begins to rev like crazy when choke is switched off. The engine also bogs when throttle is turned. I can't find any air leaks, carb...
  2. T

    Bike Doesn't Run - Tried Nearly Everything - Starts But Dies

    Hello again, Second build and twice as many problems as the first.. I bought a used engine from a guy i was buying a bike from. I have no clue what the displacement is. It is a flat head 2-stroke. I will post pics soon. Anyway, I installed it and it kinda started, and I finally messed around...
  3. KCvale

    Inside the 2010 Grubee Skyhawk CNS Carb

    I recently got my 1st 2010 Grubee Skyhawk motor kit in, and while I went through the carb to see the differences I took some pics. These carbs are nothing like the 2009 or earlier carbs so I’ll just take you on a sight seeing tour. It is officially a YuanDung Skyhawk C-32CNS66-EPA...