1. DanVal

    New Build Completed

    Lots of back and forth but everything now works as it should. Fun build with my youngest son DanVal
  2. slump

    New stretch cruiser build imperial x peek cycles frame

    New build for 2018-2019: hand made frame designed by imperial cycles and handmade by peek cyclea, fat tire mag rims, 4” balloon tires, shortened clubman bars, chrome fat tire triple tree fork, front and rear disk brakes, fat tire bottom bracket, and leather springer saddle. Thinking of adding a...
  3. A

    Leather covered solo seat

    Leather covered cruiser seat Hey everyone. Been riding my sled a lot, and was wanting to get some sort of leather covered seat, in that sort of bobber-chopper-solo-pan type. I have a lowrider style Felt Bixby, and I want a seat in that sort of style. Looked all over the web, and couldn't find...
  4. H

    Mo’ betta Jetta 20” bobba jobba

    Some of you might have seen my introduction and the start of my 20” dual suspension BMX build. That bike is a more in depth build, with full light system, moped seat, battery, on board charging, headlight fairing, shift kit, vapor speedo, custom paint and many more details/parts. I have the...
  5. Venice Motor Bikes

    Venice Ruff Cycles Chopper Build

    I just scored a Ruff Cycles frame & some wide custom wheels with a front Shimano roller brake... I'm thinking this bike will be a perfect platform for a 212cc Predator engine. (^) My plan is to powder coat it something special & install a custom gas tank... I'll post more pics as it happens. :)
  6. Ayotaybrink

    New Stretch Build

    Found a stretch cruiser over the summer for sale at the beach, picked it up and immediately was eager to get an engine on it. Took the engine off a beach cruiser I had, though there were some minor problems along the way she's starting to shape up nicely now.
  7. Ruby478

    perfect tank idea

    I was messing around with two stock 2.5 L tanks and i noticed that if you were to just cut the bottoms out and weld them together it makes the perfect bobber tank im gonna do this so you can see what i mean
  8. M

    New 110cc Custom Frame Project

    Ok I'll start off by saying that I am aware that this isn't exactly going to be a "motorized bicycle" but more of a mini motorcycle....but either's my build. I bought a 110cc 3spd, semi-auto, cheapy dirtbike from a gentleman in the area. The cost of the engine around here is $400...