1. B

    26 x 2.5 Wheels

    Anyone know of a vender that has a 26 x2.5 preferably steel wheel. Aluminum would be OK but I would like to find steel. This is what was used on the Simplex Servi-Cycle. I'm looking for an alternative to original. Thanks, Bob
  2. SDLocal

    Motorized Felt build pics

    I've been doing some builds with Felts and I used a Giant Simple recently also. They make great looking bikes... I really like using the Pirate Cycles sprocket hub adapter. I also recently bought a KW machine works machined aluminum sprocket hub for my nexus hub on my MP. Ken does superb...
  3. waistofhumanspace

    Tree Bike!

    While walking threw the woods behind my neighbors garage looking for Morrell mushrooms with the old fella we came across this cool find. The tree is growing threw the rim,...He said I could have "the old junk" if I wanted it!
  4. N

    First Time Boardtracker

    I've been stalking all of you guys for a few months now trying to figure out how to build one of these board trackers. I think I am ready to go for it. I'll have to figure some stuff out along the way, but that's the fun of it, right? I just pick up my frame. A 1930's Schwinn. Beautiful bike...
  5. F

    100cc Honda Boardtrack

    Started with an American Flyer "Coast" beach cruiser. The engine is out of a 2004 Honda xr100r, with a five speed tranny. This actually is not going to be a motorbike. It's going to be pedal-less. I still am not sure about my Hub, and Brake selection. Re-Weld monarch springers and put a disc...