air filter

  1. KC Roy

    runs better with air filter off?

    hey guys thanks for all the good info on this site. i've put together my first motorized bike a couple weeks ago. breaking it in and tweaking things here and there. it runs pretty nice but seems to cut out or surge/bog down a bit when i get going at the high end. it idles great, will rev just...
  2. J

    Engine won’t idle and stops with clutch disengaged

    Problem-first start** -engine won’t idle but runs with 1/2 accelerator with clutch engaged - soon as clutch is disengaged while riding the engine sort of stalls an accelerating does nothing - the engine sounds like it is either starving or flooding maybe ? Things to consider ? -Bike came...
  3. spiderskzes

    sbp air filter huasheng

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. But do i need to adjust my air/fuel mixture after installing the sbp air filter? My bike was idling fine but was boggind down for a couple seconds when i had it at full throttle. I also have a straight pipe exhaust. thank you .spr.
  4. T

    Fuel in air filter and carby problems :s

    I am a beginner when it comes to engine kits. I bought a 66cc two stroke Chinese generic brand kit, and I upgraded the carb. My old carb died on me so I bought a new one. Both of the carbs had the same problem though. The fuel ran through the carb but the air filter also got drenched in fuel...