1. B

    Sprocket adapter for Shimano FH-RM30

    Do you know where i can find an adapter for my Shimano FH-RM30 rear hub? It must be okay with a 36T sprocket. Bolt circle diameter: 45 mm Flange diameter: 53,8 mm Spoke holes 36 holes .spr.
  2. M

    Check out my video of my Schwinn Delmar cruiser bike built Enjoy! ps. does anyone think that my hub adapter is a problem, as there is a gap between the two pieces on the hub even though I have tightened them lots and lots. Thanks Mike xct2
  3. Ruby478

    Pirate hp adapter

    whats the difference between the standard pirate sprocket adapter and the hp version ? which one should i buy cause im a big guy and i run a standard 66cc 2stroke china.......... is there really a difference between the two?