1. Da Pedal

    GTC Jackshaft For Sale

    I have a GTC jackshaft that fits the 79cc - 99cc predators and greyhounds, along with the lifan 97cc - 98cc motors. I have never used it for anything besides mock up purposes and it is essentially brand new. I don't even think it has any scratches whatsoever I'm selling it for 105 shipped...
  2. scotto-

    99cc Predator Short Ride

    Just took a short ride over to my buddy's house on the 99cc powered Dyno. A beautiful sunny winters day in mid December.......let's ride! http://youtu.be/dXHizRq2ti0 dnut
  3. O

    Has anyone Used the HF Predator 99cc engine yet?

    I cant seem to find a 79cc HF any where I can get to but I could order the new 99cc from HF. Today is the last day for the 20% coupon I have but I dont want another motor like my HF 6.5. I need a bolt and go motor that will fit in a bike frame with out mods. Sooooo has anyone used the new HF...