79cc monster 90

  1. SoughtAnarchy

    Any advice on assembling disc brakes on BBR Tuning wheels?

    I recently bought these wheels and someone on here told me I should go for disc brakes instead of rims brakes. I have a standard cruiser set up with this engine on it. Any advice from y'all would be great. Mainly trying to see what I'll need to buy to assemble it (i.e. the disc brake set, any...
  2. SoughtAnarchy

    Newbie here! Looking for suggestions to mod my new kit

    So, I recently bought this kit: https://www.gasbike.net/collections/bicycle-engine-kits/products/79cc-monster-90-bike-engine-kit-complete-4-stroke-kit I threw it on a brand new beach cruiser and it was riding fine for a day or two. Then the chain tensioner came loose and broke my spokes. (I'm...
  3. D

    49cc 4G T Belt Kit vs. 79cc Monster 90 Bike Engine Kit

    Hello there, I just ordered a bicycle after having my 49cc Chinagirl for quite some time. I have put many, many miles on my 2 stroke. Before the 2 stroke, I had an older 4G T belt kit that I experienced issues with the bearing on the transmission. With that being said, I am looking at...