1. Testname111

    ATHENA 69.8 CC bicycle frankin-bike :)

    I made this after finding out the smolikperformance.com kit big bore still had a 40mm piston stock China girl size Check it out, my new Athena minarellie clone with carbon reed I plan on making a copper exhaust, 47.6mm piston true big bore should I braise or hose clamp all my coper joints...
  2. S

    Do you consider this front mount safe?

    I plan to get longer studs (yes I know the locknuts are on the very end) The question is do you guys think that sandwiching these two metal plates on the frame and then running the studs through it to secure it to the bike is a bad idea do you think this will break easily?
  3. B

    KTM 50cc engine on bicycle

    I am thinking of buying a KTM 50cc engine clone from 2005, to my bicycle. Do you know how sutainable they are? They seems to be as strong as modern trimmed moped engines, around 9hp. I would like to have an engine that is strong and sutainable. Do you know how mutch fuel they are drinking? If i...
  4. S

    my bikes

    my bikes I have been tinkering with. I have a cruiser and a 29" mountain bike which is very high and even tough to get on and im 6ft. I bought a performance pipe which wont fit I have to fabricate it I guess. also I bought a new racing carb off ebay and when I installed it it just boggs down and...
  5. K

    Ktm 50 Clutch, Exhaust and Jackshaft

    Hey guys I recently placed an order of ktm 50, so i will be getting it in a week!!!!! Cant wait!!. This is the bike i got http://www.ironhorsebikes.com/hard-tail/2012-yakuza-5-1 Some info about the bike.... 1) Engine type: single-cylinder, 2-stroke, air-cooled 2) Piston...
  6. G

    fuel and oil leak?

    My bike is leaking out fuel and it is leaking oil from the bottom of the crank case these are two separate problems. the fuel i can't tell where its coming from but its over some of the cooling fins, there's some unburnt fuel especially after i run the engine hard. its all the way around the...
  7. R

    just ordered my first motor kit, it will be here tomorrow

    So I just ordered 50cc flat head 2 stroke motor kit from BGF a few days ago to put on an old bike. I have been preparing the bike this weekend, I have all of the tools ready, I moved the front brake lever to the right side temporarily removed the rear brake's cable and handle until I can get a...
  8. C

    Engine Sprocket Problems: wont turn

    Hey, I just bought this brand new engine (RAW Silver 50cc Bicycle Engine Kit) and I have everything set on my bike right but when I the chain on and try to pedal, the sprocket on the engine wont move, therefor the whole wheel wont move and I cant pedal. Im really new to this and the kit came...
  9. Sheriff John

    Best Engine Vendors?

    I am looking for a place with good quality, fast, and around $180 50cc engines that can be shipped to california. I got one from Zone8 but the plating chipped away pretty fast, and i DID break it in correctly. I dont know which of the sponsors to choose, there are way to many! Thanks guys, i...