4 stroke engine

  1. C

    49cc 4 stroke engine wont start... what do I need to do?

    I have a few questions as well, i'm very new to all this and have very little mechanical experience. 6 months ago the engine died on me all the sudden and would start back up when I would try. Since then, I gave up on the bike itself until this week since I'm wanting to get it fixed again...
  2. Ruby478

    bikes that fit 212 predator or duromax

    im trying to build my first 212 bike , i basically have everything except a bike. To anyone who has built a 212 bike what bike did you use for your build?
  3. LabRat

    Micargi Puma with twin 97cc flat top lifan's

    Never gave much thought to building a stretch. However, there was an add on CL - a Puma listed really low. I did give it somethought - 60 seconds, the kind seller even drove 60 some odd miles to make delivery. I parked her hanging upside down in the shop and dismissed my purchase, having much...
  4. D

    4 sale GEBE, 4 stroke Robin Subaru 35cc Belt Drive

    SOLD SPECS: 35cc engine has about 500 miles on it. Drive ring fits 32 spoke wheel Belts are brand new The engine works fine, I am selling because I do not use it much. I have pictures, email me if your are serious and I will send pictures. I am asking $400, plus half of...