1. F

    Fresh thread

    Okay so i made another post but it was pretty vague so I'll just make a fresh thread with pics, so I was scrolling gumtree and came across someone selling a old zbox motorised kit they had never opened and had just kept in storage and they didn't know if it was the z-80 or z-50 So went for a...
  2. carl clack

    The Piston Came

  3. Hogwash

    I am Hogwash

    I am new to motorized bicycling. Last motorcycle was a Road King. I have bought many parts, from web. Frame, motor kit, Sick Bike kit. Even ordered a classie springer/with breaks forks. I KNOW I will be asking questions as this is my "virgin" run. Hogwash
  4. 80ccstingray

    Idle/Carb problems

    Hi everyone! I have a RAW 80cc bike engine kit with a stock NT carburetor and it idles very fast and stalls randomly. I adjust the screw on the carb and it does nothing, it still idles fast. Can someone help me? Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. -Thanks
  5. Ruby478

    Pirate hp adapter

    whats the difference between the standard pirate sprocket adapter and the hp version ? which one should i buy cause im a big guy and i run a standard 66cc 2stroke china.......... is there really a difference between the two?
  6. Ruby478

    Dallas 2stroke engine rebuild

    Is there anyone around or close to Dallas,TX that knows how to rebuild a 2 stroke engine ........ ive been having problems with mine and really need help getting it running at 100%