2 stroke engine

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    Will a 68T Sprocket from Wish fit with the chain and mounts of a 2 stroke kit?

    Im planning to buy one of these cheap chinese 2 stroke kits. I know they are pretty low quality and require regular maintence. I live in a village with many hills and bumpy roads and i like going off road. I found an 68 tooth sprocket on Wish but im not sure if the chain and sprocket mount are...
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    The build

    Ive had this thing nearly a year, broke it, fixed it, broke it again and fixed it again, back and forth. Only trouble at the moment is spark plug boot likes to bounce around at "top" rpms My top speed a while ago was in the 30,s im down to 22, with very simillar exhaust to what i run right now...
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    No Compression

    I just built my second motorized bike after selling my first for a good deal. It has only been running 3 days and i had been stupid and drove it 9 miles without stopping. It ran great then i shut it off and when i went to start it it wouldnt start and has no compression. The piston and rings and...
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    Building A Motorized Bike (New Here)

    Hello There Everyone the names Amir and I'm new here :D (This is going to be a pretty long post, BUT I would really appreciate if you could read it, If not go to the end where I bolded everything) So let's start off, Since last year ago I have been looking over YouTube and forums on building...