1. rdgrail

    Generator Help

    Hello fellow enthusiasts! I'm Nick, I'm new here. I was wondering if someone could help me with my little predicament? I bought a 12v batter for my bike to power the lights, and I want to charge it while I'm riding. I bought a 12v generator that hooks to the magneto, and a rectifier to the...
  2. PluckStrumRide

    12v generator help

    New to the forum. 3 builds under my belt so far. The age old question that I can NEVER sort out: How to get proper lighting on a bike? I'd rather skip buying endless amounts of batteries and buying lights that fail after a week or two. I HAVE found a 12v generator that installs next to the...
  3. dasmo

    12V scooter horn wiring

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone with experience doing this can confirm my wiring thoughts for hooking up a Wolo 12V horn to my 48V system. I want to get 12V going anyway to also hook up a light so I ruled out hunting down a cheapo 48V horn. (the DC-DC converter has a Y split on the output). Any...
  4. Schwinn the Fox

    Will a 12v generator make your engine explode?

    Heres something new, I bought a 12v Generator which runs off the magneto (NOT THE WHITE WIRE) on my 49cc chinagirl and I installed it. Worked fine and loved it. Even got a taillight to go with the headlight that came with the gen. After about 3 days of using it I noticed something, quite not...