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    Cylinder gasket

    Hello! Im having issues with the cylinder gasket. Does anyone by any chance know what thickness the gasket for the cylinder should be (the one between the cylinder and the case). I cant find anyone that will ship a gasket to me except china but that would take a long time to get to me... Thanks...
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    Porting questions

    I'm about to buy another 100cc 2-stroke engine and I'd love some input on proper porting. After doing tons of research I think I'm going to: Widen exhaust and intake port 1mm, raise exhaust 1mm and lower intake 1mm. Trim piston skirt to clear intake port at TDC. Will this configuration mess up...
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    Zeda 100cc external dimensions, bigger?

    Are these engines much bigger physically than the 80s? Wondering about frame clearance. Thanks!
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    100cc Honda Boardtrack

    Started with an American Flyer "Coast" beach cruiser. The engine is out of a 2004 Honda xr100r, with a five speed tranny. This actually is not going to be a motorbike. It's going to be pedal-less. I still am not sure about my Hub, and Brake selection. Re-Weld monarch springers and put a disc...