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  1. Mark Johnson
  2. Hector
    Hi I have a Walmart Thruster fixie bike it has 2 rear sprockets I'm having trouble on how to mount my rear sprocket ,if theres one there
  3. ducedave
    getting ready for friday
  4. Sizzle McBackfat
    Sizzle McBackfat
    What happened to Grubee?
  5. Sizzle McBackfat
    Sizzle McBackfat
    What happened to GRUBEE?
  6. Sizzle McBackfat
    Sizzle McBackfat
    Broke the motor mount and rode the bike without the motor to the store and locked it up & still got ganked...!!!
  7. Sizzle McBackfat
    Sizzle McBackfat
    Had an old 60's Schwinn American with a China E-bay special on it and a Frank's red hot Boost bottle....
  8. Sizzle McBackfat
    Sizzle McBackfat
    Had an old school American with a cheap China
  9. Stoney
  10. Zeus
    When i have the spark plug in the back tire of ny bike locks but as soon as i remove it unlocks
  11. Mark O Reilly
    Mark O Reilly
    Big valve 16 Excelsior lover
  12. Lemonade
    Chain poped off a few times... Gotta buy a shortner from the bike shop.
  13. Lemonade
    New bike woes... Exhaust fell off during ride.. Cant find it.
  14. Kyalami321
    New to motor bicycling and inspired by Harleys of the 1910s. Ride in!
  15. Dan
    Dan greenjon
    Howdy, welcome!
  16. greenjon
    Starting my first build in a few days.
  17. Jap crap
    Jap crap
    Clutch wont work
  18. Riley Priest
    Riley Priest
    Hi I am just wanting to see if anyone would like to talk to me that would be great just to get to know you
  19. Jap crap
    Jap crap silverbear
    How do you tighten the clutch spring on a 80cc jap peddle bike motor.i have tried new pads i know how to adjust the clutch it just wont pull tight enough to engage.i already disconnected the cable got nice new pads still wont engage tries a little but not enough.
    1. Jap crap
      Jap crap
      Or is there something else it could be i have tried everything but a new clutch spring.its a new motor and i have had to fix everything on never buying one of these cheap ones about ready to throw it in the garbage and buy a new one.
      Mar 3, 2018
    2. Jap crap
      Jap crap
      Every time i fix one thing something else breaks every time i ride it.
      Mar 3, 2018
  20. 2strokinsteven
    Tecumseh horizantal 2 stroke on a schwin