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  1. evilcarnie
    evilcarnie quantogs
    Good day to you. My name is Daniel i am Curious about something. I am building an odd occ chopper with a 2 stroke motor and caught your build on your cruiser. And was wondering if it would be possible to build this on mine. Would you be interested in helping me with what i am trying to build
  2. Press718
    10 - TOOTH SPROCKET FOR 4-STROKE for ghost racers 7g transmission please in boxs me if you do thanks
  3. TheGeneral1
    You're not hard core unless you live hard core!!
  4. Philthy Rich
    Philthy Rich
    Motor getting real hot
  5. Dave31
    Dave31 Mike Bauer
    Hope you are having a great day Mike Happy B-Day!
  6. 5-7HEAVEN
    5-7HEAVEN Basement Cat
    Do you still have your stuff for sale?
  7. Chaz
    Evolving... slowly and painfully.
  8. Bikernot1
    Bikernot1 hsvmick
  9. goatrooter
    Can,t take it with you, you never see a hearse pulling a trailer
    1. goatrooter
      I have a problem with the chrome plating in the bore of the 66cc China girl motor. Question: How long will it run with the plating missing?
      May 26, 2017
  10. TomTom
    Need help adjusting my Wabron carb.
  11. xseler
    You're never lost until you run outa gas.....
  12. tooljunkie
    tooljunkie Greg58
    Looking great, Greg. Time to enjoy the fruit of your labour.
    Just saw a 39 Buick century on a buy and sell site, was a really cool looking front end.
    I spent nearly 6 weeks on my buddy's 59 regent,repower from fan blade to diff. Now is floor shift and console. Bucket seats. Retrofitting is a real challenge. Power steering was very difficult.
    But honestly i would rather work on this old stuff for less money than the head gasket job i just completed on a 2007 pontiac.
  13. Danny1972
    I was wondering if I can help me on here my name is Danny I'm new to this I'm getting in a tight spot on my gas powered chain when I go to Pedal it is there a way to fix that
  14. Semaj
    Semaj MadMaxed
    Yo waddup? You had some questions for me like two years ago? Lol
  15. 5-7HEAVEN
    5-7HEAVEN lowracer
    Hi lowracer, I'm getting into pocketbike engines now. Do you have parts you'd want to sell to me? Walbro carb, etc.
  16. krsblchrds01
    best place for a chicken coop
  17. MotorBicycleRacing
    MotorBicycleRacing Ludwig II
    Just stupid kid.......
  18. Slogger
    Slogger allen standley
    That onex 29 is a huge bike, it's comfortable for my long legs.
    A short rider would need a ladder to get up there.
  19. Slogger
    Slogger allen standley
    Aw thanks.
    A lot of old guys (like me) seem to like it. A fancy BMW with agrey haired guy chased me all over til I asked him why he was following me. He wanted to talk about the bicycle. He thought it was a whizzer, I think.
    Old dudes like it a lot. ;)
  20. allen standley
    allen standley Slogger
    Thought I would stop by for a visit. I'm glad I did! I really like Shadow. What a nice looking bike. I'ld be proud riding that!