Simple tandem stretch bike seat post build


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Jul 13, 2010
Three pieces of pipe one inside the other.

Elementary to some of you but a sum beach to those who have never built anything like this.
I saw this done on a motorcycle rack behind the seat. Both of the two tubes broke off for the weight that the bike was packing.

Since I wanted to get it welded, since prior my bro had just used a criss cross of a couple turn buckles and cables with these two pieces of pipe wedged inside the broken tubes as a kludge job, I tried to get a welder to do it.

The guy just never got around to doing the job. The half a** way around did fine though, till the bike eventually was junked. Again to mention, I was on an expressway going up a slight grade, noticing a 40mph minimum speed sign, and the worn out engine had me looking for highway patrol to issue me a ticket. It was toast!
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