Plans for my Cafe Racer build WITH CLIP ON HANDLEBARS

carl clack

Apr 16, 2018
San Diego
So, I've been wanting to do a Cafe Racer styled build for quite a while, and here I will document my progress :) I haven't seen hardly any Cafe builds, and I have a strong passion for the Cafe Racer style, so here goes ;)

The frame I will be using at the moment will be the Skyhawk GT-2A, but I would like to change to a Worksman Newsboy frame and have a in-tank frame made eventually.

Now let me describe my first dilemma:
I wanted clip on handlebars. I feel that it is the single largest part of the look, for me at least. The thing is, while researching clip on handlebars on bicycles, I realized I couldn't find A SINGLE example of it being done. None. Nada :rolleyes:

I was quite surprised, I mean, all you really need are some triple tree forks to attach them to, so thus began my search for the right forks.

I ultimately decided on these forks, because they were the only reasonably priced solution I could find that had some form of suspension:

Since my frame requires 1 1/8" forks, and these are 1"ers, I found a pair of reducers for the headset to use these forks:

Now the only thing left would be to pick a pair of clip ons, I'll have to get the forks first to measure the diameter of the forks to find what size I need to get.

Now that's it for now, thanks for reading the thread :p Ride on .shft.
would this work on a 26 inch beach cruiser?


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Nov 3, 2012
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Sleeves are the answer - get the nearest ID clip - ons and fit via collar.