Oils and lube (haha lube)



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Oct 8, 2008
Harrisonburg, VA
What types of lubrication should I use for general maintenance for my bike? I'd like to avoid buying a bunch of different types if possible. I'm pretty sure after all the handling of my chain during installation that it needs to be touched up soon.

I used a basic bike oil (really watery and thin) and poured it down the clutch cable (and thanks to your all's earlier suggestions it's much easier to pull now). Anywhere else, aside from the bike itself, I should keep an eye on?

Bikeguy Joe

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Jan 8, 2008
up north now
I use Marvel Mystery Oil on just about everything that moves....use grease on the gears inside the ride cover (just a little) and the clutch pivot point where the arm pushes the rod and ball. Remove the right side cover to get to that.

Check your wheels once every couple hundred miles and re-pack as needed.