New DAX 70cc 2 stroke, first ride, first build


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Jun 14, 2008
Just got back from running around the block several times on a new Dax 70cc HT engine. I must say, after all the issues I have read on the forums here I was afraid of what I was getting into, but the Dax kit is fantastic. I had several questions while installing it, and Duane (dax) answered each email quickly and helpfully.

I was also reading on the forums where the first time you start it up, it will probably take halfway around the block to fire up. With Dax's engine I had gone maybe 10 yards before it fired up and was running, first time it was started! I have it mounted on an older 27" Nishiki 12 speed (yes, the skinny tires type) with the shifters on the gooseneck (made it easy to put on the clutch and throttle). So far it's running perfectly, got about 4-5 miles on it and I'm very happy.


Jun 27, 2008
Independence MO
Nice! Not many put them on the skinny tire bikes, I am going that way soon.
My first bike Motoschwinn I was a 1973 Suburban. Thin tires, several blow-outs, broke spokes right and left. NO suspension either. But it was the only bike I had.

Point Beach is like heaven now, but I did love that old Suburban.


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May 15, 2008
I vouch for Dax too.

Just installed a new Dax 2 stroker, and it fired-up on the very first compression. That's no lie. I'm just finishing my break-in, and it always starts on command, and gives me all the power that I expected. However, I'm running 16:1 NON-SYTHETIC OIL, and plan to continue doing that, which is greasier than the 20:1 recommendation for break-in.

I know that their engines are a little more "pricey", but the quality and tech support (Duane) balance-out and justify. Duane has been very helpful, and was instrumental in helping me to understand basic mechanical troubleshooting on a 2-stroke.

150 Miles/Gallon

"If the break-down doesn't debilitate or kill me, it makes me stronger."